RAAL® modular heat exchangers and cooling systems are adapted to the customers’ needs and are developed together with them. We provide custom cooling solutions for hundreds of applications; deliver tens of thousands of different products for small, medium and large series.


With a strong and creative R & D department, a well-equipped testing center, with patents for fins and new constructive / technological solutions, with 150 engineers who offer a range of 30-50 days to develop a new product and over 50 prototypes every month, we are always ready to deliver performance.


The 30 years of experience in heat exchangers and teams specialized on domains and applications (R & D, heat exchangers design, tooling design, manufacturing, sales, logistics, and marketing), prove that each customer and each application are important for us.


The mutual trust, openness towards the latest technical solutions and customer approach are the core values of RAAL®​​, that guarantee a long-term business relationship.